The Tomboychic Boutique.

eliahB. is the boutique for the girliest girl & the toughest tomboy. Offering the most exclusive, affordable and stylish fashion pieces. Started in 2019 by MiKhala Haile, eliahB. is inspired by family (eliah is Haile backwards & the B is the beginning initial to her fathers last name, because you hustle for your last name, not your first) and a love for sneakers, oversize/men's clothing, prints & patterns, all with a feminine touch.

eliahB. is all about versatility and being able to wear pieces multiple ways, and multiple times. Taking the simplest pieces and turning them into outfits that can compete with designer looks fresh off the runway. Think, if Rihanna and Teyana had a baby, her name would be eliahB. The motto for eliahB. is always this: 


"If you can't wear it with sneakers too, why are you buying it?"